Home Improvement

Whether you’re a kitchen remodeling business or you build pools, ASAP Marketing Solutions has the experience to market your company. We have worked with several different home improvement companies specializing in various areas like the following:

  • pool installation
  • kitchen remodel
  • bathroom remodel
  • room additions
  • cabinet manufacturing
  • tile sealing
  • damage restoration
  • roofing
  • house painting
  • chimney sweeping

We helped develop a strong foundation for their online presence by developing a user-friendly website. Contractor websites need to be informative and transparent in order to gain trust from clients. Not to mention, they need to showcase past projects to convince the consumer further.

A Strong Foundation

A bad website is worse than having no website. By creating an optimized and user-friendly website, ASAP Marketing Solutions was able to start each of our home improvement clients off on the right foot. Some of them had one-page sites, while others needed a complete redesign.

Regardless of the industry, the user experience for your website is the most critical part. A poorly designed site scares potential clients away and tarnishes your website’s SEO.

We prioritize mobile-friendly web design because of its importance for the user. More and more consumers are using their phones to search for products and services. So, our designers and developers work closely to ensure the mobile design is optimized for the user.

Alongside the design of the website, the content needs to be informative. There are a plethora of options for content when it comes to contractors and home improvement. Blogs are an excellent way to circumvent this issue because they also increase the site’s optimization.

When it comes to content, we want the reader to learn something when skimming the content. If we can answer a question, the reader might have when then the content has completed its job. The content we develop for contractors and our clients is geared to be useful for the reader. By writing for the reader, we increase the SEO of the entire website.

Adding to the Structure

Marketing your home improvement company doesn’t end at a good website. We have to continue adding to the foundation in order to maintain its health and create a sturdier site over time. SEO takes months to show results, and during all that time, we continue to build.

Content marketing is one of the most effective ways of adding to the site’s health. A monthly or weekly blog helps show activity on your site and can support existing authoritative content. Blogs can also target specific keywords in order to generate new rankings for the site.

For example, one of our clients offers window installation services for argon gas windows. We created a blog explaining what argon gas windows are, and they began ranking for the keyword. They aren’t on the front page yet, but we continue to add content to support the keyword.

There are other strategies our team performs to continue rounding out your site’s SEO, like backlinks or social media. These methods are known as off-page SEO, which are strategies to improve your site’s optimization by improving other areas of your online presence. They perform these methods throughout the entire campaign, so you maintain your SEO.

Place Your Online Presence Under Construction

When you choose ASAP Marketing Solutions as your digital marketing agency, your online presence will go under construction. Whether you need a new website or serious site optimization, our team will work diligently to increase your SEO and rank you higher in search results.

We already have many home improvement companies under our belt. Let us add you to our portfolio. We offer a free consultation and walk you through the entire process. We’ll even discuss each service with you, so you know what we are doing for your business. Our process is always transparent, with monthly reports and consistent updates. Give us a call today for more details.