Food & Drink

Restaurants, bars, bistros, cafes, and other food and drink establishments play a major part in the hospitality industry. These businesses give consumers a place to read a good book, enjoy time with friends, or splurge on their favorite dishes. Word of mouth advertising and great food is not the only suitable marketing for restaurants anymore.

Instead, food and drink establishments need to tap into other marketing channels in order to sustain themselves. Restaurants have a unique way of capturing their business, unlike other businesses. A single image of a stacked burger or slice of pizza can draw in droves of people. However, you need to know how and where to post. Plus, the optimization of your website and online presence is needed.

Here at ASAP Marketing Solutions, we have a strong admiration for restaurants, bars, and the rest of the hospitality industry. We also love food just as much as the next person, but we also love marketing it. Since we love food and its effect on people, we want to help restaurants, bars, bistros, cafes, and other places people gather to enjoy food and drink.

The Power of Social Media

When social media was adopted, food became one of the greatest things to share. It still holds a strong presence on social media as it’s a way for restaurants to share their creations. If you are a restaurant or bar owner, then you should be using social media every day. Social media marketing can be potent when it comes to food and drink.

Visual content receives more engagement on social media than any text post. Your restaurant can take advantage of this statistic by posting items from your menu. After all, if something looks good, chances are it is good. If audience members can see your food online, they’ll be more enticed actually to visit and try out the food.

Restaurants and bars are great places to throw events as well. By posting regular updates for trivia nights, karaoke, or another eventful evening, you can garner more social media engagement and a better turnout.

In general, social media is an excellent place for restaurants to thrive. Food and drink are shareable and relevant to everyone, so take advantage of this marketing opportunity.

Boost Your Reputation

Along with social media, you should claim your Google My Business (GMB) listing or open one if you are a new business. GMB is essential for local businesses because Google prioritizes local stores and restaurants when it believes they can provide what the searcher is looking for. So, if a searcher is looking for a bar near them, you want yours to show up in the search results.

When performing a local search, searchers are presented with the three pack or local pack. This pack is made up of the three most relevant search results. Businesses within the pack receive the most engagement, which makes it important to reach that ranking.

You can optimize your GMB by adding menu items, online order links, phone number, hours of operation, and more. There are other small details you must keep an eye on, too, such as how your website link appears. Inconsistencies can create issues with your GMB listing, which is why professional handling is required.

Restaurant Marketing

If you want to market your restaurant or bar, contact ASAP Marketing Solutions. We have a professional team experienced in a variety of different marketing strategies. They are motivated to help support your business and draw in new customers. Not only are we passionate about marketing but food as well. In a world that is so divided, one of the few things that can bring people together is a great meal. Contact our team today for a free consultation.