Audio & Video Marketing

Define Your Brand

You can define your brand through various forms of media, such as audio and video. Often, businesses overlook the capabilities of audio and video marketing. These two areas of marketing are only growing and frequently attract the attention of potential customers.

Custom audio and video media are potent forms of marketing. You can significantly set your business apart with just these two elements. Businesses avoid these areas of marketing because they are unsure how to approach them. Well, ASAP Marketing has a team of video and audio content creators who can help you tackle this area of marketing with precision.

Audio Marketing

Audio marketing is the process of producing custom audio to reach current and potential customers. Popular forms of audio marketing include radio, podcasts, and virtual assistants. The latter of the three is the most recent advancement in audio marketing. Amazon and Google have dominated this area of audio marketing with their respective home assistants.

However, the recency of home assistants does not make them the most popular form of audio marketing. In fact, the most effective way of marketing is radio. Radio reaches up to 92% of Americans every month. This is higher than TV, smartphones, and computers.

Every month, more than 200 million Americans are turning in to listen to their favorite radio stations. This is partly due to the large presence of vehicles and the amount of driving Americans perform every year.

audio marketing microphone

As you can see, audio marketing can drastically increase your target audience and even improve sales. Radio advertisements are cost-effective, meaning the return on investment is higher than many other marketing channels.

While obtaining a higher ROI, you can also expand your brand with radio marketing. Since radio ads are often shorter than their video counterparts, listeners are more likely to stay tuned in. Since more listeners hear your advertisement, your brand becomes more recognizable from more people.

Video Marketing

For many, audio marketing is daunting, which makes them avoid video altogether. Unfortunately, they are missing out on valuable marketing strategies. Unlike audio, video is exceptionally shareable. Social media has certainly solidified that claim. Posts with a visual aid such as an infographic, gif, or video receive more engagements than posts without. In fact, Twitter Business reported tweets with videos received 10 times more engagements than tweets without.

By investing in high-quality video marketing, you can boost your business’s number of engagements with potential customers. Social media is only one channel that can drive new leads to your website. Use video to increase the number of people it reaches and increase your traffic.

Of course, video marketing can be implemented all over the internet. The best place you can use video marketing is your website or landing page. It not only invites customers to stay on your site but also improves your search engine ranking.

video marketing for products

Google and other search engines love videos on pages because they keep customers engaged for longer. As more customers stay on your site to watch your video and visit other areas of your site, search engines see it as being user-friendly. When it comes to your website, user-friendliness is essential.

Video marketing improves not only your standing with search engines but also customers. Videos are the perfect way to convince consumers to purchase your product or to detail your services. By educating your customers on your business, products, and services, you can build a bond of trust with them. In turn, customers decide to purchase from your business and stay longer.

Don’t Miss Out on Audio and Video Marketing

As you can see, the statistics from audio and video marketing speak for themselves. These two marketing methods can increase your brand awareness and build trust with potential customers. At the same time, producing high-quality audio and video marketing materials can be difficult. You need the right team for the job. Contact ASAP Marketing Solutions today to start tapping into these engaging strategies.