Email Marketing

Market Directly to Consumers

Email marketing is the process of sending a message to current or potential customers about your business. Common methods include newsletters, coupons, and blogs. Email marketing is a cost-effective strategy that delivers the desired message to customers. Another benefit of this strategy is that it is easy to personalize each message with the name of your customer, making recipients feel noticed and appreciated. 

Newsletters are our favorite email marketing option, and we’re confident they’ll become yours too! Typically, a newsletter encompasses news about the business, updates customers on their operations, and may announce new products or services. At the same time, newsletters can contain daily deals, coupons, or blogs. Regardless, sending an email to your list of customers costs almost nothing and garners substantial results.

If you have not considered email marketing, then you may want to rethink your decision. Those who ran email marketing campaigns saw an increase in revenue by up to 760%. In 2019, the number of active email accounts exceeded 5.6 billion. It is hard to ignore these statistics when there are many benefits to choosing email as a marketing method.

For example, email marketing is an excellent method of generating leads. Lead generation is the process of finding potential customers and convincing them to purchase your products or services. Other benefits include the following:

Personalized Content: The emails you send are customized to your business’s needs. You have complete control over the design, style, layout, and content. Make adjustments to each of these areas to ensure your email meets your brand.

Brand Recognition: Email marketing serves as a perfect way to improve your brand’s reach and recognition. As your brand reaches more people, you’ll increase the amount of interest in your business. Eventually, this leads to more traffic and sales.

tailor working on computer for email marketing

Development of Customer Relationships: Email marketing assists you in developing and maintaining your relationship with customers. With the right type of email, you can garner trust from customers, which leads to sales. At the same time, you can help people fall in love with your brand.

Increased Web Traffic: You have complete control over your email design, but we recommend including links to your social media accounts and your site. By sending an email with an enticing subject line and content, you can increase the number of people who open your email and visit your website. This in turn will boost your search engine ranking on Google!

Creates Excitement: When you send discounts or seasonal promotions through your email, you’ll get customers excited to shop with your brand. They’ll start looking forward to seeing your branded messages in their inbox, which will help improve your open rates and boost conversion.

Easily Measurable: When using the right email marketing tools, you can easily measure your emails’ click-through rate and open rate. If you see your open rate is low, try changing the subject line. As for the click-through rate, try including interesting content customers want to read or watch. Most importantly, never underestimate data when adjusting your email strategy. Analytics are your best friend when it comes to email marketing success!

Deliver Quality Content

In order to run a successful email campaign, you need to deliver quality content that matches your business’s brand. The most successful email campaigns are personable, provide the reader with something of value, or offer engaging content like a well-produced video. Our team helps you determine what the best content is for your email marketing campaign.

Our content writers will ensure your email meets your business’s needs while also attracting customers. You shouldn’t wait to take advantage of this cost-effective marketing strategy. The ASAP Marketing Solutions team will assist you in developing killer email copy to drive traffic to your site.

Contact our team today to request a free quote. Our team can speak with you about the types of emails you want to send customers. From there, we can develop an aesthetically pleasing and effective email to send directly to customers’ inboxes.