eCommerce presents different challenges than that of a traditional service area business, and this Cosmetics eCommerce website was undoubtedly a prime example. We had to move the site from one eCommerce platform to another, which housed the work’s bulk.

Our web developers started from the ground up and completely rebuilt the website. In addition to the new rebuild, we needed to create a reseller login portal for distributors to purchase products.

As the website was being built, our content writers went to work on the hundreds of product descriptions. Having a database of product details helped assist the creation of this content, so it was as original as possible.

The goal was to inform the reader about the product, so they could create an informed and quick decision about the product. Creating engaging content for the products made developing promotions an easy task.

Consumers & Resellers

Our web design team had to develop a website from the ground up and create a reseller login portal. We needed these two platforms to complement each other while also allowing easy use among users.

User-friendliness is always a focus of ours, and typically login portals are far from user-friendly. We wanted to challenge that standard by making the portal clean, modern, and operable. We started with the website first. Designing something elegant and increasing page speeds was our focus for the development.

We didn’t develop the login portal until the end of the website’s build because it assisted in the design. Product pages were designed to be sleek yet provide the necessary information for the consumer. We also incorporated related products and suggested products based on the consumer’s activity.

In the end, the client was thrilled with the website. They also loved the login portal’s functionality—especially since they originally had two different websites for consumers and resellers. Having both in one centralized location reduced costs and streamlined management processes.

Products & Promotions

The client was able to supply a database of their cosmetics, which helped assist in content creation. We didn’t want to base the content on the original website because it wasn’t optimized, and the client wasn’t happy with it. So, we were supplied with original details from the client, which helped us create original, optimized content for the products.

Creating bullet points and short descriptions for the products helped readers skim the product to make a quick decision on a purchase. A longer product description was also included to meet the goal of informing the customer on every aspect of the product.

Finally, our content writers worked to develop promotions to increase engagement for the products. They worked closely with the client to develop an email marketing campaign that would draw web traffic to the site and increase sales.

Project Details

Houston, Texas
September 2020

305% ROI

Organic Increase

132% ROI

Increased Calls