Organic SEO takes time, but we were really happy with the first month of results for this Los Angeles Contractor. Using our analytic tools, our team was able to pinpoint areas the website needed the most work.

We also noticed load speed issues, which we believed to be associated with the design but later learned it was the hosting. Upon further review, we designed a plan to boost the site’s health score through a myriad of strategies.

The content was another focus for our team on this project. The website had a relatively solid foundation when it came to content. However, we quickly realized duplicate content was a serious issue among a few pages and the site’s project sections.

The client also wanted to boost their ranking for two services that were at the core of their business. We beefed up these service pages and improved keyword density throughout each of their pages.

Targeted SEO Strategies

We used a lot of SEO strategies on this Los Angeles Contractor site. Our content writers and web developers tackled the project together and performed the services below:

  • built backlinks
  • removed duplicate content
  • increased keyword density
  • changed heading tags
  • wrote meta descriptions
  • increased page speeds
  • optimized image sizes

The list above is not a complete list of our team’s work, but it does showcase the wide range of attributes we needed to change. Our SEO specialists did an excellent job at spearheading strong backlink building to government agencies and organizations.

Our web developers needed to create a mobile-friendly version of this website because it needed a lot of work. The design of the website was complicated and required a simplified version on the phone. The developers worked diligently to improve page speeds and create a user-friendly experience. In the end, they were able to create a fantastic mobile website based on the original.

As for the hosting issue, we moved the site to our own server, which fixed the loading issue. It turns out one of the sites on the old server had been infected and was affecting everything else on the server. By moving to our own server, our team was able to manage the site more efficiently and transparently.

Revamping Established Content

Our content writers were able to enhance pre-established content while also removing redundant copy or duplicate content. Duplicate content on any website is a serious issue, and that was one objective our team had to complete first. They combed through the projects page, which was riddled with pages that copied one after another. By removing these pages, we could trim the site’s fat and develop strong content.

Two pages the client really wanted to improve was their roofing and painting services. These two services are extremely popular and often searched in the Los Angeles area. We worked to find backlinks relative to these services and keywords that would improve the content. Keyword-rich content helps the user find what they are looking for, but it also increases the client’s search engine ranking.

After content creation for the services pages were complete, the writers went on to edit subheading tags and meta descriptions. The website was riddled with heading one tags and entirely absent of meta descriptions. The content writers went through each page and updated these attributes, so they fit SEO guidelines.

The final push our content writers made was a blog. Blogs are excellent choices for businesses wanting to improve their SEO. The blog for this Los Angeles Contractor helped show Google the website was consistently getting updated. Furthermore, the client began ranking for keywords that they originally had not. Blogs are also effective ways of supporting more substantial pieces of content on the website, such as services.

For The Future

Our client’s future is bright, and they have been very satisfied with our SEO services so far. We plan to continue our efforts to improve the site’s SEO and search engine ranking.

The health score is robust, and we only hope to further improve it over time.

Project Details

Los Angeles, California
September 2020
Contractor, Roofing

305% ROI

Organic Increase

132% ROI

Increased Calls