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Social media marketing utilizes social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to engage with followers and find new leads. Using the right social media marketing methods on these platforms will allow your business to prosper in more ways than one.

Our specialty is understanding social media by analyzing, researching, and implementing plans that bring results. Social media marketing requires more than just the regular posting of products and services; it also involves interaction with customers and industry leaders. It is a comprehensive platform that includes regular engagement with an online community in a bid to attract more customers and grow businesses. Social media marketing is the avenue we use to manage brands and send the right message to customers online so that they can get an accurate perception of the business.

Our social media management team is highly qualified in efficiently managing accounts on various platforms. We work to ensure an increase in brand awareness and exposure, direct traffic to your website, grow brands exponentially, handle customer service, and receive feedback from customers and implement them into the strategy.

Instagram social media marketing

We continually develop better management ideas while constantly looking out for new opportunities and fresh grounds to break. We are intentional in our approach, and we always ensure that we manage brands to the right audience through creative media content and compelling copy.

Below, we have detailed the major social media platforms we can grow your business on:


Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world, with millions of monthly users. Facebook is a versatile platform as you can post videos, pictures, gifs, infographics, and text posts. The platform offers you to create pages that are dedicated to promoting your business. You may add your business hours, contact information, location, and additional details all in one place. Customers can even leave reviews on the business page, allowing you to garner a reputation. Finally, Facebook is a great place to find new leads for your business as businesses can create Facebook ads capable of driving traffic to your site.


YouTube isn’t necessarily a social media platform, but it is free and has millions of daily active users. Publishing videos and optimizing content is essential for YouTube. If you don’t have a large following on YouTube, then you can drive traffic there using other social platforms. Plus, you can use the platform to store your videos for your website or social media. Instead of embedding the video on your homepage, insert it using YouTube to decrease load times and improve optimization.


LinkedIn helps you engage with market leaders and stay updated on the latest within your industry. You can even engage with those who are interested in working for you. There are millions of professionals and industry leaders on LinkedIn sharing new strategies and ideologies. Networking with these industry leaders and professionals can increase the traffic on your site and may even catch the attention of people who want to work for you or with you.


Twitter has a character limit, so you need to be straightforward and use visual elements to catch users’ eyes. Hashtags are another way to catch the eye of potential customers or clients. Facebook and Instagram also use hashtags, but Twitter is the primary area where hashtags can truly become your friend. When users are looking at what is trending, they see hashtags and topics that are being discussed. Use hashtags so that more people see your tweets and use visuals, so more people engage with your tweet. Twitter reported that videos receive 10 times more engagements than other types of tweets. For this reason, visuals elements are a must in social media marketing.

Twitter social media marketing


Instagram is heavily focused on visuals, more so than any other social media platform. Not all businesses would benefit from Instagram due to the heavy visual nature of the platform. Service businesses are not best suited for Instagram, while products can easily be sold through the platform. Typically, beauty, fashion, and lifestyle products reign supreme when it comes to promotion on Instagram. However, other industries like restaurants, bars, hotels, and travel agencies can significantly benefit from Instagram. Hashtags are also used heavily with Instagram as users can follow specific tags they enjoy. Do not skip out on this essential social media marketing tool.

Social Media Marketing Offers Growth

Each of the social media platforms listed above is free to use and easy to use. Starting an account or page on either platform doesn’t take a lot of time, and you can start posting content in just minutes. Social media marketing will continue to grow and be the main focus for many businesses since social media is a part of most people’s daily life.

ASAP Marketing Solutions wants to help you with your social media marketing. Even though it is easy to start, it doesn’t make it easy to gather followers or drive traffic to your site. This is why you need expert social media managers to handle your accounts. We follow the best social media methods in order to drive results that you can succeed from.

Request a quote for a social media marketing campaign or give us a call to ask us questions. We would love to assist you in promoting your business, products, and services.