Everyone can spot a bad website when they lay their eyes on it. With this Houston Locksmith, we knew we had a lot of work to do when it came to website design.

The content seemed fine at first, but after closer inspection, we noticed discrepancies between the client information and what was being relayed to the reader.

Overall, the design was the biggest focus when it came to the website. The original was only five pages that had blocks of text.

Large blocks of text are hard to read, and most viewers are going to click off the page in an instant. By designing the content alongside its creation, we were able to create a compelling and informative website for customers.

Enhancing Design & Function

This Houston Locksmith originally had an internal review system on their website. Customers could leave reviews on the site as freely as they wanted. With little activity in that area, we felt it was best to remove the internal review system and link it to external areas. The client had excellent reviews on Yelp, Facebook, and Google, so linking and featuring those reviews was a no-brainer.

Before we started the design process, the client wanted a list of ZIP codes and service areas their locksmith business serves. They gave us an example of a business that had every ZIP code in the Houston area listed in the footer. It was obvious the list was devoid of any type of design or formatting.

Instead of just listing the ZIP codes in the footer, we thought there would be a better way to create an aesthetically pleasing list on the services page. So, we created a section where the user could switch between service areas and ZIP codes. The final product turned out clean, and the client was satisfied.

Finally, the last big design push for the website was responsiveness. The original site for this Hoston Locksmith was not mobile-friendly, which can create several problems. The web developers were sure to create a user-friendly website that would reduce bounce rates and increase SEO. In the end, these steps helped lay the SEO framework for later efforts.

Content That Answers Questions

As we mentioned, the content of this Houston Locksmith had discrepancies when it came to accurate information. Many locksmiths are open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. This Houston Locksmith is not, and it was plastered all over their original site. So, we found it best to ignore the content on the site and gather our own information. Our content writers interviewed the client to get concrete details associated with their services.

Approaching content for each website is different, but it always has the same goal: answer a reader’s question. When you click onto a service page for a business, you probably already have a question or two. The service page should answer those questions and leave you wanting to know more. In turn, you pick up the phone or fill out the form. This was the writers’ goal when developing the content for this Houston Locksmith.

We ensured each page educated the reader about the specific services or about the business itself. From payment options to the types of cars they service, our team wanted the content to be as comprehensive as possible without giving the reader everything. This helped boost the “call to action” for the client.

Project Details

Houston, Texas
September 2020

305% ROI

Organic Increase

132% ROI

Increased Calls