The automotive industry is the largest manufacturing industry in the United States in terms of total value. Plus, the automotive industry is the largest in the United States because of the large dependence on vehicles. Many other countries have public transit systems or other forms of transportation that dominate their markets.

With such a massive auto market in the country, it isn’t easy to market to consumers without blending with competitors. With that said, you need to employ the right marketing strategies for your business. Whether you are an independent dealer or a franchised auto shop, ASAP Manufacturing has the experience to market your business.

Many of our team members have experience working closely with—esh dealerships and mechanics. We understand the importance of automotive marketing, which gives us an edge over our competitors. Since we have experience marketing for the industry, we streamline the process for your business.

Targeting Consumers

When you develop an automotive marketing campaign, you need to ensure it is targeted at the right people. For example, luxury car dealerships cannot market to everyone. If everyone could buy a luxury vehicle, then they would. Instead, they need to be specific when it comes to their marketing efforts.

Before you take one step in executing your automotive marketing strategy, determine what your target audience is. Once that audience has been locked in, you can start marketing to them. An ill-targeted marketing strategy is costly.

One way to target specific consumers is through pay-per-click advertising (PPC). PPC is when you pay a publisher (Google, Bing, etc.) every time your advertisement is clicked on.

PPC ads on Google are clearly labeled as ads and always show up at the top of search results. The way it works is you bid on a specific keyword. You’ll then create an ad for that keyword, which will take the searcher to a landing page. Once they click on the ad, you pay Google. The goal of PPC is to make a sell significantly higher than the click cost.

You can generate new leads with a PPC ad or even draw competitor consumers to your business. By targeting competitor keywords, you can draw attention away from them and drive it to your business. PPC advertising is not for every business, and it is up to our team to determine what strategies work best for you.

Utilize eCommerce Methods

The automotive industry is comprised of services and products. Dealerships and auto shops have a selection of products consumers can purchase. Having an online catalog or shop for your business can help draw in more consumers. They can shop or at least browse from the comfort of their home. If they see what they want at your business, they are more likely to purchase it—especially if it’s at a lower price.

Furthermore, using eCommerce methods for your automotive marketing strategies can increase sales and web traffic. User experience is important for search engine rankings. If your online store is poorly designed, it will hurt your internet presence. For that reason, you need an aesthetically pleasing and functioning online store for your business.

Automotive Marketing

ASAP Marketing Solutions has extensive experience in many different industries. Our automotive marketing experience allows us to determine your business’s right audience and then pinpoint specific strategies to garner leads.

By contacting our team today, we’ll speak to you about your business, its goals, and what we can offer. We’ll pitch you a marketing strategy based on your business. This entire process is free until you make your decision. So, give our team a call today for a free consultation.