With more than 40 million lawsuits filed every year in the United States, legal marketing is necessary. However, legal marketing is not an easy expedition to take on. Small law firms may have a difficult time marketing with a lack of resources and time. Marketing is a monster of a job and requires a professional team to perform.

The team at ASAP Marketing Solutions has extensive experience with attorneys specializing in different areas of law:

  • family
  • criminal
  • personal injury
  • estate planning
  • traffic

By hiring our team, you can increase your law firm’s online presence and generate new clientele. Regardless of your specialization, let our team of experts handle your legal marketing strategy. We’ll determine what your business needs to improve its online presence and gain new leads.

Reach Out to Potential Clients

Reaching out to potential clients is as easy as opening a handful of social media accounts. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are perfect places to start marketing your law firm. For smaller firms with a single attorney, consider opening a professional page for the attorney rather than the firm. You can start building a relationship with clients by being the face of the firm.

Larger firms should have social channels with attorney profiles supporting the firm’s primary account. This web of networking leads clients to your firm and gives it friendly faces rather than scaring them away with a faceless entity.

Optimize your social media account by adding your website, phone number, location, profile picture, and bio. Use keywords in your niche for your bio. These help people find your account easily. Plus, it clearly labels what exactly your firm does.

As for the content you share on your social channels, that is up to you. It is a great opportunity to educate followers about your niche and share industry news—update clients and followers about potential rewards you have received or upcoming industry events. No matter the content you share, it should be relevant and engaging for followers.

Optimize Your Website

Another type of legal marketing your firm would benefit from is SEO or search engine optimization. Google is the dominating search engine in the United States. If you cannot rank your law firm’s website high enough, you miss out on potential clients.

Websites lay the groundwork for a solid online presence. As long as your website is user-friendly and has informative content, your website can rise through search engine rankings. This process is easier said than done. Moreover, SEO requires the right team because of the many fluctuating factors within the industry.

One area in which your law firm should strive is a blog. Blogs are extremely beneficial for readers and SEO. You can build your reputation by giving legal advice and informing readers about different aspects of the legal process.

At the same time, blogs help increase your site’s SEO. Google recognizes blogs as changes or updates to your website. Weekly posts for your blog can also target specific keywords in your niche. Our team can determine the right keywords for your business and even include long-tail keywords that are less difficult to rank.

Determined Legal Marketing

ASAP Marketing Solutions has the experience and knowledge to handle your firm’s legal marketing. We have a team of content writers, web developers, and SEO specialists who will handle your internet presence’s optimization and development.

The team we have comprised continues to educate themselves on industry changes and state-of-the-art technologies. Contact us today for a free consultation. We’ll analyze your current online presence and develop a strategy determined to improve your online presence. Give our team a call today to set up a meeting.