Real Estate

The National Association of Realtors reported 87% of home buyers made their purchase through a real estate agent in 2019. That single statistic alone proves how important real estate marketing is to agents. Whether you are a single agent or own a whole agency, you need to find the right marketing methods for your business.

You can use numerous real estate marketing strategies to increase your online presence and garner a return on investment. Without the right experience or knowledge, you’ll be unable to gain the results you were hoping for. ASAP Marketing Solutions knows each of these strategies, which allows us to market for our clients effectively.

Real Estate Marketing Website

Like all other businesses, a website is the best method you can do to promote your business. When looking for a house, a majority of buyers go online to see what is available. Since most go through real estate agents, they’ll be on the search for one.

With an appealing and optimized website, you can generate more web traffic. Your website should feature the listings that are available to the buyer. This information needs to be updated constantly to ensure accuracy and avoid wasting clients’ time. This is standard for all real estate agents or agencies. So, you also need something that sets you apart from your competitors. By setting your website apart from the rest, you’ll leave an impression on the visitor, making them more likely to return.

Every great website needs great content to go along with it. We mention content with every industry because it plays a major role in the optimization of your website. It also helps inform the reader about your business and what you have to offer. One of the best ways you can engage with visitors is a blog.

Blogs assist in catching the visitor’s eyes and helps optimize your website at the same time. By creating interesting blogs that target a keyword, you can create exceptional SEO for your website.

Video and Virtual Staging

Video marketing scares off a lot of businesses, but it attracts more consumers than almost any other marketing method. Videos receive more engagement online than images or text posts. This means you should be utilizing video for your real estate marketing efforts. Whether you’re posting the videos to your social media or creating virtual tours for your site, you can expect a significantly higher amount of views than an image or text.

Virtual staging is also an excellent way of showcasing the listings you have. Plus, you’ll make more on staged homes than unstaged houses. Home Staging Resources reported that staged homes sold for 6% to 25% more than unstaged homes. Increase your sales by staging the listing you have under your belt.

With a well-designed website, informative content, and visual elements for buyers, you can develop a highly lucrative marketing strategy for your business. All of these elements, working together, can create a better reputation among buyers and increase your online presence.

Increase Sales and Leads

ASAP Marketing Solutions knows the digital marketing landscape. We have comprised a team of experienced and talented professionals to carry out our digital marketing services. Content writers, web developers, and SEO specialists work together to deliver an effective real estate marketing strategy. When you contact us today, you’ll receive a free consultation.

We analyze your current online presence, your competitors, and where you stand when it comes to search engine results. With this information, we can determine which marketing strategies are best for your real estate business. Plus, we’ll identify areas in which you can improve your existing marketing strategies, such as social media and email.