When it comes to technology marketing, it is similar to manufacturing; both industries have complex products and services that require consumer research. A majority of the manufacturing industry is business to business (B2B) selling. For the tech industry, consumers and businesses are pulling their weight in sales. In retail sales alone, the tech industry will make a revenue of $406.8 billion in 2020.

The technology industry is massive and will only grow as technology advances. Plus, the number of technology companies in the United States alone is booming. It can be difficult to stand out amongst so many competitors. ASAP Marketing Solutions understands the complexities of the marketing industry. We know what drives purchases in both consumers and other businesses.

Even technology companies have a difficult time pinpointing their audience and executing sales. Our team has the knowledge and experience to market your products or services, so you can increase sales and grow your business. We’ll identify the marketing strategies that are best suited for your business, so you can generate new leads and push sales.

B2B vs. B2C

Businesses and consumers make a purchase differently. Your business must know these differences, so you can market appropriately. The first difference you need to know about these two markets is the size. The consumer market is much larger than the B2B market. When marketing to consumers, you throw a large net to capture the eyes of many. When it comes to B2B, the market is much more niche. For this reason, you cannot cast a large net in terms of marketing. Instead, you need to focus on a specific group of businesses to market.

Not all but most consumers select what they purchase with their emotions rather than research. Consumers do perform research, but it varies on the product or services. For example, buying a phone is typically determined by consumers’ feelings toward the features or the company. Most Apple users purchase an iPhone because that was their first phone, and they are complicit with the ecosystem. On the other hand, purchasing a new home takes an extremely higher amount of research.

For B2B purchases, research is the sole reason a decision is made. If a business finds a program is unable to perform a specific action they want, they’ll be less likely to choose it. It must fit their needs so they can carry out their own products or services. In addition, B2B purchases include many people rather than the usual one in consumer purchases. Typically a business will make a purchase based on three to six people.

Finally, another major difference between the two is your branding. For the consumer, you want to prioritize the message you send while you want to focus on building relationships in B2B. Establishing that emotional connection with the consumer will help drive sales and keep them returning. As for businesses, develop a respectful relationship with them, so they continue returning. Work them to meet their specific needs. This kind of relationship helps you gain goodwill in the industry and may even work in your favor of gaining new relationships.

Your Experts in Technology Marketing

With these differences, it is important you know how to catch the eye of your target audience. Whether you are selling to consumers or other businesses, ASAP Marketing Solutions can assist you in your marketing efforts. We know the many strategies in developing a strong marketing strategy for businesses and consumers. When you contact our team, we’ll perform the research needed to determine the marketing methods you need.

If you sell to two different markets, then we’ll execute a marketing plan for both. The difference in techniques is critical in the success of marketing your products or services. So, give us a call so we can start developing the strategies you need.