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4 Tips To Increase Organic Traffic To Your Website

When you think of traffic, you probably imagine idly sitting in your car, squared in with other vehicles on all sides, waiting for the slightest bit of movement to hit the gas lightly and inch forward. However, the highway isn’t the only place to find traffic. When over five billion people around the world are connected to the internet, online traffic is inevitable. If you are trying to promote or sell a product or service, though, you can use that traffic to your advantage by working to increase organic traffic to your website. 

What Is Organic Traffic? 

Organic traffic is any traffic that reaches a website through search engine results. This kind of online traffic is different from direct traffic, which involves reaching a website by searching the specific web address, or social traffic, which comes from clicking social media posts. Organic traffic is also unique in that it does rely on paying for ads to increase a website’s traffic. You are now probably wondering, “how can I increase organic traffic to my website?” Today, we will show you five tips that will increase organic traffic to your website. 

1. Examine What Other Websites Are Doing 

Sometimes, the best way to learn is by looking at other websites that receive high traffic and examining what they are doing. Knowing how competing websites can successfully draw in the traffic they need is more than likely to successfully bring that traffic to your site too. Please note that looking at what others are doing does not mean copying what they are doing. 

For example, you don’t want a website design to be a clone of your competitor or to copy any of their text. There is a fine line between emulating strategies and outright plagiarism, so it’s important to make sure what you put online is your own spin. After all, you are promoting your brand, not someone else’s. 

2. Promoting Content With SEO Will Increase Organic Traffic

SEO or search engine optimization involves creating content that will increase the likelihood of appearing in a potential reader’s search results, which will ideally move them to click on the link to the content hosted on your website. SEO is best utilized by analyzing what the members of your target audience are searching for online in terms of what is relevant to your industry. After analyzing what potential users are searching, include that search term or keyword a reasonable number of times in such content as a blog post. Keeping track of search trends will absolutely lead to a noticeable increase in organic traffic. 

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3. Regularly Create Content For Your Website 

Trends always change, so you can’t just make one blog or other piece of content and call it a day. To prevent a drop in traffic, you need to devise a schedule to regularly post content that, based on SEO, speaks to what your target audience wishes to know. Make sure your content can stand out enough not to get lost in the shuffle of search engine results, but also avoid making the topic so obscure that only a select few people will likely encounter it. It may take a lot of time and practice to get that balance right, but a regular content posting schedule will pay off when your website traffic numbers are higher than before. 

4. Increase Organic Traffic By Including Internal Links 

Finally, one last way to ensure an increase in organic traffic to your website is to create internal links within the content hosted by the site. For example, if you are reading about how a business is operated in a certain city, you might find links that will take you to pages to describe the specific services provided by that business. Chances are, those links will take you to another page on that same website. If you want to ensure your traffic gets an additional boost, then internal links will only help. 

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