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Blogging Tips and Tricks

Where do you find a lot of the information you need on the internet? Likely, you rely on at least one blog. If you are a home improvement junkie, perhaps Better Homes & Gardens and The Spruce are your go-to sources. Or maybe you love to cook and are always on the hunt for new methods and recipes. In that case, Love and Lemons might be more up your alley. Whoever you are, and whatever interests you possess, there is a blog out there that can provide you with valuable content. That is why this form of content is steadily growing more popular. Perhaps you want to take advantage of blogs’ popularity and start one of your own, thus providing you with a passive income and a creative outlet. If that’s the case, you’ll love our blogging tips and tricks. Check out our top six blogging tips and tricks below! 

Valuable Blogging Tips and Tricks For Beginners 

1. Make Your Domain Name Memorable

When it comes to creating a domain name, simple and memorable is the way you want to go. You want people to recall the name of your site and be able to find it again. Avoid words that are hard to spell, and try to use alliteration where possible. Sam’s Super Soups is a great example of a snappy, alliterative title for a cooking blog. 

2. Choose an Appealing Design

Design is an important part of any website, whether it hosts a blog or not. Without an appealing design, readers are unlikely to read much of the content on a website, whether it is high-quality or not. There are two common mistakes many bloggers make when they start out. First, they have a plain website with little to no visual elements. This harms your site because there is nothing other than blank walls of text to engage the reader. Second, and most common, beginners go overboard and add too many design elements. If your website has too many design elements, it will overwhelm visitors and cause them to click off your page quickly. 

The best thing you can do to prevent either one of these rookie mistakes is to use a design template. WordPress has a wide variety of free templates to help your site look beautiful with minimal effort. Do yourself a favor and take advantage of these resources. 

A man prepares to use blogging tips and tricks to start creating content for his site.

3. Don’t Use Stock Photos and Graphics

Including visuals on your site is important, as we just discussed. However, you need to be picky about which visuals you allow for your blog. Stock photos and graphics are not unique, and most readers can tell the difference between an original and a copyright-free stock image. It is best to create custom graphics and take your own photos if you are going to use them. Worried that you aren’t able to create appealing images on your own? Hop on a site like Fiverr and find a freelancer to do the work for you! 

4. Create Alluring Headlines 

Headlines are an important part of blogging. Nobody wants to read a blog with a confusing or jumbled title. You could write content that is Pulitzer Prize worthy, but no one would click on it if your headline wasn’t well-crafted. Make sure that you are choosing pithy, eye-catching titles for each of your blogs. 

5. Use Calls to Action 

Calls to action (CTAs) help push readers toward a desired action. For instance, say you would like people to keep coming back to your site for more content. Including a sentence at the end of your concluding paragraph like, “Subscribe to my blog by clicking the link below,” would likely sway readers to return for more if they enjoyed your current content. Always include CTAs in your blogs to convince your audience to stick around! 

6. Blog Consistently 

It is important to stick to a schedule when you are publishing content. You can’t just sporadically post whenever you want to. Post every week, and make sure that you post on the same days. When you are consistent, you develop trust with your readers. Thus, put creating a realistic editorial calendar at the top of your priority list. 

Need More Blogging Tips and Tricks? Get In Touch! 

We hope that our blogging tips and tricks have been helpful to you. But we understand that implementing them may not be easy, especially if you have no prior blogging experience. If that’s the case, contact our team at ASAP Marketing Solutions for assistance! Our experienced content writers are ready to boost your blog.