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How to Optimize Your Business Instagram Page

There is a lot to know when it comes to how to optimize your business Instagram page. Many let it go by the way-side.

Did you know that nearly half of all the businesses on Instagram do not even have their own websites? Instead, they rely on Instagram for their outreach and where they leave their contact information.

On the other hand, if your company does have a well-made website, no digital marketing campaign is complete without social media. Today, social media is where people spend most of their time online. If you want to meet your potential clients where they are, putting your business out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Instagram, especially, is a good idea since it is primarily an app. While people spend most of their time on the Internet browsing social media, they also find most of their scrolling through their smartphone rather than a computer. From there, the motivation for figuring out how to optimize your Instagram account becomes obvious.

Make Sure You Have a Business Account

Unlike personal accounts, an Instagram business account offers many tools. It helps by providing insight through analytics on how your posts perform and follower growth. Additionally, business accounts show your website and phone number front and center.

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Many companies worry no one will follow a business account through their Instagram. However, this is founded on a misconception. The fact of the matter is that 80 percent of Instagram users follow at least one brand. Much of the use business accounts receive is through things like customer support. Instagram users see messaging through the app as a more convenient alternative to get in touch with a brand representative, asking about things like opening and closing times. And anything to make answering customers’ questions easier is worth doing.

Posting at the Right Time

Posting at times that are the most convenient for you is a sure-fire way to miss out on a sizeable portion of your audience. Instagram users that follow many accounts cannot scroll through every post that appears in their feed. They will only get to so many each time they log in.

The idea is to post as their opening their app so that your company’s Instagram post crosses their eye. You can find the most trafficked times of day for each day of the week for any social media site quite easily. In fact, this is the simplest way to optimize your business Instagram page that probably anyone could do.

Optimize Your Business Instagram with Hashtags

For those users that do make it through their feed and still find themselves bored, there is the discover tab. Here, they can be shown suggested content geared towards what they have liked and followed in the past. Or they can search for something they have in mind. Both of these are where hashtags come into play.

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By using relevant hashtags, you can have your posts reach those that are looking for what you are selling but have not yet followed your page. A lot of what goes into choosing hashtags is knowing what is trending. For example, it is common for businesses to make a social media post for each holiday, including the appropriate tag. However, it is always important to use a hashtag that is relevant to your business and what your potential client wants. The idea is to help guide it to those that are looking for you rather than throwing your Instagram posts out there at random.

Much of the work we do here is keyword research. Using the right hashtags is part of this keyword research. Search engine optimization companies like us have the tools to find out what hashtags receive the most traffic from consumers.

Hire a Professional to Know How to Optimize Your Business Instagram Page

Experts in search engine optimization know techniques and methods others do not. We can increase the performance of your business’ website and all your social media pages. heContact t experts in the ASAP Marketing team by calling (832) 737-2752 or send us an email at [email protected]. So, if you need help to optimize your business Instagram Page, we can bring your business to fresh eyes.