How to Write a Press Release

It can be extremely beneficial to know how to write a press release. Press releases are a great way to promote your business and get more peoples’ eyes on your message. However, many are scared of press releases because of their connection to journalism and the number of people who may see it. You shouldn’t be afraid because there are a lot of benefits to these pieces of writing.

This blog will detail what a press release is and how to write a press release. By knowing how to write a press release, you can market your business is significantly more ways than one. Plus, you can garner more attention through other avenues than just the internet.

What is a press release?

A press release is an official announcement or statement from a business, organization, or person. Typically, press releases go through news outlets and journalists, but they can also be communicated through online sources.

Other common names include press statements and news releases. Regardless of what you call it, the objective is the same: to bring attention to your business’s specific aspect. The aspect of your business you want to bring attention to will vary on the type of press release. There are several different types of press releases your business could create.

Most types of press releases are centered around the thing they are announcing:

  • new products or services
  • changes to products or services
  • an event
  • award
  • new location or opening of a new business
  • partnerships
  • executive changes

These news types make for a perfect press release because they bring attention to the company, promoting services, products, or bigger changes to come.

HubSpot How to write a press release

How to Write a Press Release

Now that you know what a press release is, you can start to learn how to write a press release. Press releases are usually one page or sometimes two, but never more. It is important to provide enough information for the release to pick up some traction from journalists.

The location of the information within the press release is also important. The first paragraph of your press release should answer “who,” “what,”  “where,” and “why.” It is important to start with the most important pieces of information at the start of the press release and slowly trickle other pieces of information as the content goes.

Think of the press release as a pyramid; the very top is the most important, while the bottom is minor details that support the very top details. This structure will help you structure your press release.

Above all, do not lie or embellish the truth in your press release. You should be as truthful as possible when creating the press release. Those who read the content will take it at face value. If the raw truth makes it to consumers, then they may think negatively toward your business.

Press Release Format Example

The press release format is pretty standard for most. We have created a mock press release below for John’s Hardware. The most important information is found at the top of the press release, and information slowly trickles down to less important news. Use the format below to create your own press release or find a press release template online.

How to write a press release format

The “###” is to indicate the end of the press release.”

Write Your Own Press Release

Now that you know what goes into creating a press release and have an example, you can start writing your own press release. Update the public and media on what is new with your company or business. If you need help with writing a press release, then contact ASAP Marketing Solutions. Our team can assist you in writing a press release and marketing your business in other avenues.

Contact our team today at (832) 737-2752. You can schedule a free consultation with our content writers and SEO specialists. They will walk you through the steps of a press release and finding other ways of marketing your company. You can also learn about our social media marketing and content marketing services on our site too.