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Why Lemon8 Is The Next Big App

While Instagram and TikTok have been reigning supreme in the world of influence and marketing, these platforms might be in for a rude awakening with the recent debut of Lemon8. This app has been downloaded more than 650,000 times in the U.S. in the two weeks since its release, and that number doesn’t seem to be diminishing. With this in mind, you probably have some questions. 

What exactly is Lemon8? Why is it so popular? How can Lemon8 be used for marketing? Continue reading this blog to learn the answers to these questions and understand why you should follow the Lemon8 hype. 


What Is Lemon8?

Lemon8 is a social media platform that utilizes photo and video sharing to build connections. Its interface has been described as a combination of Pinterest, Instagram, and TikTok, which isn’t surprising since its parent company, ByteDance, also owns TikTok. It has personalized recommendations based on the content you follow and enjoy that you can easily explore in its “For You” section. Unlike most other social media platforms, Lemon8 strongly emphasizes lifestyle promotion more than meme sharing, allowing it to stand out from its competitors in the U.S. 


Lemon8 For You section


Why Is Lemon8 So Popular? 

Lemon8 is becoming increasingly popular because of its niche focus on lifestyle content. This app can also be easily linked to other platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, and many others. Unlike TikTok, which is more focused on social trends, Lemon8 is the ideal platform for influencer marketing campaigns. The specific focus of this app has allowed it to grow rapidly in Japan and Thailand, and is now starting to bear similar results in the West. 


How Can Lemon8 Be Used For Marketing? 

Successful marketing campaigns require a comprehensive presence across many social media platforms. If the upward trajectory of Lemon8 is to be trusted, it will also be included in the social media “must-haves.” While still new, you can still check out these different ways Lemon8 can be used for marketing. 


Lemon8 perks


1. Coordination With Influencers 

As of right now, Lemon8 is a hub for individual influencers to promote themselves. Brands themselves don’t have a clear presence. However, by taking a look at who is growing a solid following on Lemon8, you can reach out to and coordinate with specific influencers to increase the online presence of your brand or business. 

2. More Personalized Campaigns

By taking advantage of the influencer marketing playing field that is Lemon8, you can also create campaigns that are tailored to specific audiences. For instance, if you sell cooking implements, you can reach out to a culinary influencer on Lemon8 to promote your products. This type of campaign will reach a specific audience for that influencer, who will then want to know more about your product. 

3. Increased Engagement 

You will see increased online engagement by coordinating with Lemon8 influencers to create more personalized content to promote your product or service. As engagement continues to grow, you will only see more and more people show interest in your business. Your business’s increased presence will also lead to a greater return on investment. 


ASAP Marketing Can Help Your Social Media Outreach! 

Although Lemon8 hasn’t been on the app store for very long, it’s already making waves in the world of social media and influencer marketing. By using the tips above, you can strike the iron while it’s hot by taking advantage of Lemon8’s growing user base to boost your marketing. If social media outreach has been a struggle for your business, ASAP Marketing Solutions can easily change that for the better. Contact us today, and our social media team will give your business a much-needed boost to its online presence.