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What is Responsive Web Design?

When researching website development, you may have seen the term responsive web design. Responsive web design is a term often used by web developers because it is very important in today’s world. Google also considers website responsiveness as an important attribute when ranking search engine results.

Responsive web design is the concept of websites adapting their design to the device it is viewed on. For example, a website’s design will look differently on an iPhone compared to a desktop. With the right design, the website should adapt by adding or removing elements on the website.

A common feature on a mobile website is the three-bar menu. The menu collapses into the phone’s side, or it may come down from the screen’s top. This is to help the user have a more friendly experience with the website. In addition, it helps them navigate the website without a clunky or inefficient experience. It’s features like these that assist in improving the user experience across all devices.

Is Responsive Web Design Important?

Yes! Responsive web design is very important for search engines and user experience. Google looks into a wide range of factors when determining a rank for your website. The responsiveness of your website is one of the biggest factors. The decision to make this attribute vital for your website’s SEO feeds into the user experience.

User experience encompasses how easily the user maneuvers your website, how informative the content is, and a handful of other factors. A poor mobile website will scare customers away from your website, which creates a larger bounce rate. The bounce rate is the percentage of users who visit your website and only visit one page before leaving. A high bounce rate probably means the user experience is poor, and Google sees that.

responsive web design is website development across different devices

As smartphones become ingrained into our lives, responsive web design becomes more and more vital to websites’ success. Web builders like WordPress assist in creating a mobile-friendly design, but they can only do so much. An experienced and professional web developer has the tools to complete the job.

Benefits of Responsive Web Design

You can expect several benefits from a responsive web design—some of which we have already hinted at. By taking the time to target specific devices based on your analytics, you can significantly improve your website in more ways than one.

Increased Traffic

More people are looking at websites on their phones than they are on desktops, which is why a mobile-friendly website is imperative to your business’s success. By having a responsive web design, you’ll increase your mobile traffic. As more people enjoy your mobile website, you can start to see an increase in your search engine ranking and traffic as a whole.

Reduced Bounce Rates

Remember those bounce rates we mentioned earlier? You can lower those with a mobile-friendly website. As long as your website is easy to navigate on a phone or tablet, then you can expect a lower bounce rate for your business. This helps your ranking, too, because a high bounce rate is not good by Google’s standards.

Better SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is what responsive web design is feeding into. As the user experience improves, so does your SEO. Google has stated it considers mobile-friendly web design as one of its top priorities when considering ranking factors.

Responsive Web Design is Key

The benefits of responsive web design don’t stop there. The few benefits we have mentioned are just a sample of what you can expect. This key trait will help you improve your site’s optimization and web ranking. If you need assistance with this process, then contact ASAP Marketing Solutions. We provide web design and development services and appreciate the importance of user experience. That is why we heavily focus on responsiveness, design, and user experience as a whole. These elements help your consumers gain trust in your business. Contact our team today for a free consultation.